THE WOMAN OF MYSTERY brings 21st century metaphysical skills and understanding to the world.  Advising, teaching and offering concierge services to high profile clients using her metaphysical skills of co-creation.  THE WOMAN OF MYSTERY has mastered the practical application of insight, foresight, mediumship and healing.

Insight - Accurate and deep understanding of someone or something

Foresight - Ability to predict what will happen or be needed in the future

Mediumship - Giving evidence of life after death; that proves the spirit of a person is eternal

Healing - Becoming sound and healthy again with unconditional love 


THE WOMAN OF MYSTERY begins every sitting by asking your full name.  She will start by offering you evidence of where your life is currently at, so that you know that she is connected to you, without a doubt!  She will normally cover all areas of interest without you having to ask.  However, if you prefer, you can focus all of your time on specific people and/or situation/s in your life.  

If you wish to know about other people in your life, you will be asked to say your name and their name together, so she can offer you insight and foresight into the true connection between you.  Including their integrity, character, commitment, intentions ~ all the dynamics and contingencies that are empowering to know about the business and personal relationships in your life.

Private sittings

Let's forget about the external world for a moment and focus on the private and personal matters that concern your heart and soul.  There is nothing more important to you than those that you love.  Your friend, parents, siblings, spouse and your children all touch the core of your heart and soul. 
THE WOMAN OF MSYTERY will give you insight into your heart relationships so that you are clear on how the people in your life think, feel and behave.  You will understand their personal drivers, their reasoning and intentions with clarity.  
From the deepest unconditional love issues to the surface level of the dating games and not forgetting your sex life ~ her direct communication from source turns even the muddiest of puddles into crystal clear comprehension!  


Mediumship Sittings

Mediumistic messages are from your friends and loved ones that have passed over to the world of spirit.  Your passed  over friends and family will describe themselves physically, show how they passed and are always eager to talk about the life that they lived and the moments that they shared with you.  Expect a trip down memory lane and experience the love of spirit!

Intuitive Business 

Knowing the outcome of your investments or hires before you commit is priceless.  THE WOMAN OF MYSTERY knows that every resource counts and can be leveraged with the knowledge of where the best return on your investments of time, energy and money are, prior to commitment.  Your time, energy and money are too valuable to waste.  Having accurate real time data from insight and foresight means that you can make swift accurate decisions and achieve greater return from all of your resources. 

“ I can personally attest to the gifts of THE WOMAN OF MYSTERY.  Her ability to tap into Universal energy is excellent.  If you have any interest in what's going on for you, THIS is your opportunity to check in. "

“ THE WOMAN OF MYSTERY gave me a more complete picture than I could have ever dreamed...her foresight is light years beyond anything you've ever experienced until now.  You'd be a fool to put it off another day! ”

“ We were able to make the swift decisions and immediate actions needed.  That transformed the project from failing to a successful deliverable, and on time! ”

“ You were completely accurate about all of the names that I gave you.  I would like to understand how you gave me so much information, just from a name.  Very impressive. ”

“ I heard that you were GOOD but that was outstanding! ”






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